Site DB0PM

Welcome to Amateur Radio Site DB0PM.

The following services are available on this site:

  • 70cm FM Repeater
  • 10m FM Repeater
  • POCSAG Transmitter
  • HAMNET User-Access
  • 2m APRS DigiPeater (DB0PM)
  • 70cm lora-APRS DigiPeater (DB0PM-10)
  • HAMNET HF link to DB0TTB
  • HAMNET HF link to DB0PME
  • AX25 Mailbox DB0PM-8
  • AX25 HF Link to DB0AAT
  • AX25 AXIP Link to DB0ZKA


DB0PM 10m Repeater Coverage

DB0PM 70cm Repeater Coverage

HAM Radio Repeater DB0PM 10m

Call-sign: DB0PM State: Germany County: Bavaria Region: Schliersee/Tegernsee. Adress: Am Brenten, Brentenspitz, 8324, Hausham Locator: JN57WS Coordinates: 47°45.16 N 11°51.10 E (WGS 84) Height above sea level: 909m Height above ground: 9m   Frequency TX: 29,680 MHz (-0,1 Mhz) Frequency RX: 29,580 MHz Channel: RH7   Antenna: Sirio SD 27 TX Power: 100 Watt EIRP… Read More »

Updates DB0PM 08.12.2018

Today finally we installed our new 50 Ampere 19″ Power-Suppy. This power supply replaces 3 stand-alone power supplies.

DB0PM HAMNET User-Access

HAMNET User-Access at the site DB0FZ is provided as follows: Frequency: 2397Mhz Bandwidth: 5Mhz Polarity: Vertical SSID: DB0PM

APRS Digipeater DB0PM (us)

Please visit the following link to see the performance of APRS Digipeater DB0PM:  


POCSAG Transmitter DB0PM Service description: POCSAG Transmitter, connected to the DAPNET Pager Network Hardware:Raspberry PI, Motorola GM1200, Circulator, UniPager Software Links: UniPager POCSAG Sender DAPNET (HAMNET) DAPNET (Internet) Sysop: Daniel, DL6FZ

Packet Radio Digipeater & Mailbox

Packet Radio DigiPeater DB0PM Service description: The DigiPeater DB0PM runs on a DLC7. On the DLC7 runs a (X)NET-Digipeater with the callsign DB0PM. The Mailbox is reachable under DB0PM-8. Packet-Radio Links: 23 cm-Band: Vollduplexlink with 9600 Bit/s tou DB0AAT HAMNET: AXUDP-link to DB0ZKA Hardware: DLC7 Sysop: Daniel, DL6FZ Packet Radio Mailbox DB0PM-8 Servicebeschreibung: The OpenBCM Mailbox… Read More »


The following link shows the  HAMNET Design for DB0PM : DB0PM HAMNET