Site DB0FZ

Welcome to Amateur Radio Site DB0FZ.

The following services are available on this site:

  • POCSAG Transmitter
  • HAMNET User-Access
  • APRS DigiPeater
  • HAMNET HF link to DB0HOB (in planning)
  • HAMNET VPN link to DB0FHN



POCSAG Transmitter DB0FZ Service description: POCSAG Transmitter, connected to the DAPNET Pager Network Hardware:Raspberry PI, Motorola GM1200,  UniPager Software Sysop: Daniel, DL6FZ

DB0FZ HAMNET User-Access

HAMNET User-Access at the site DB0FZ is provided as follows: Frequency: 2397Mhz Bandwidth: 5Mhz Polarity: Vertical SSID: HAMNET-DB0FZ

APRS Digipeater DB0FZ-1 (us)

Please visit the following link to see the performance of APRS Digipeater DB0FZ-1: