DMR HAM Radio Repeater DB0PME

By | November 12, 2018
Call-sign: DB0PME
State: Germany
County: Bavaria
Region: Schliersee/Tegernsee.
Adress: Hinter Eck, Gmund am Tegernsee
Locator: JN57VS
Coordinates: 47°45.19 N 11°46.75 E (WGS 84)
Height above sea level: 868m
Height above ground: 6m


Frequency TX: 439,825 MHz (-9,4 Mhz)
Frequency RX: 430,425 MHz
Channel: RU786


Antenna: Kathrein K7516221
TX Power: 15 Watt EIRP
Power consumption: TX 110 Watt, RX 26 Watt
Mode: DMR (Standard: ETSI -TS102-361-1, 2 & 3)
Modulation: TDMA
Emission: F7W , 7K60FXE
Vocoder: AMBE +2TM
Bandwith: 12,5 KHz (with two time-slots)
Timeslots(TS): TS1 und TS2
Colour Code(CC): CC-1
DMR-Repeater-ID: 262855
Talkgroups (TG): TS1: statisch, 91 WW, 92 EU, 920 DACH, 262 DL, 9 Lokal.

TS2: statisch, 2628 Region Bayern, 8 Regional, 9 Lokal.

TS2: dynamisch, 2620 bis 2629 andere Regionen.

Details see Website.

Trustee: DL6FZ
Owner: DL6FZ (DMR-ID: 2628222)
Contact: dl6fz at
Coverage: the area and rual district of Miesbach
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